Spiritual Sidekick Protection + Clearing Ritual Salt - 4oz

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To usher in 2022 I wanted to focus on our homes and a sacred spaces. Salt has always been huge in my alchemy and I always add a pinch into my waters.

Salt has been used for thousands of years to clear energy, remove negative energy + repel evil spirits. Salt is natures way of cleansing and so a beautiful way to cleanse our homes.

Salt forms in a cube formation which is signifies strength and grounding. Which is why I created this salt specifically for protection of the home but you can utilize this in many ways. Protection salt blend contains powdered selenite used for
cleansing, charging, connections, and protection. A blend of 3 powerful salts as the power of 3 is always in my alchemy and topped with a black tourmaline to further charge.

You may use this salt in the four corners of your home, around your property line, across the doorways leading into your home, windowsills, spell work + more. The possibilities are endless for cleansing and clearing.

Protection + clearing salt comes in 4oz amber glass jar with lid
• Sea Salt
• Pink Himalayan Salt
• Black Salt
• Powdered Selenite
• Topped with black tourmaline

Charged with reiki and quartz

PLEASE NOTE: These are not for bath rituals. Contact may irritate skin and eyes, should not be used in bath.