Venus Kit - New Moon Taurus (Tall Bottle Design)

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Venus Kit- New  Moon Taurus Kit includes:

• 8oz New Moon Taurus anointing oil in glass bottle with screw top lid for shipping Value $66.66

• Fancy apothecary bottle Pictured Value $22.22

• 4oz New Moon Taurus moon charged water Value $11.11

• Limited edition handmade glass mati eye for protection made by Depy Zepo Value $67.89

• Cotton drawstring bag featuring Eye Love Love protective eye logo Value $11.11

• Stickers 


Oil Base: Apricot, Sunflower, Jojoba (If you prefer sweet almond base please add in comment section of order)

Essential/Fragrance Oils: Sweet rose, vanilla, pink peppercorn, grapefruit + Labdanum 

Rose Sweet rose to elevate your energy and call in all forms of love. Roses are extremely high energetic vibrating at 320mhz and wonderful for manifesting abundance. They are also empowering, uplifting, calming, psychic energy, growth, luck, healing and protection (hence those thorns)

Associated with Venus and attracts the energy of empowerment, luck, love, peace, fertility (This can be many forms) happiness and brings calmness to the alchemy. Did you know vanilla is also an aphrodisiac?! It ignites that passion within you. Growing up I remember my grandmother and mother using vanilla and honey to call in sweetness!

Pink Peppercorn A new ingredient and picked for its connection to the heart chakra. It also embodies love, protection, passion, purification, positivity, self love, self preservation, and femininity. This will bring some spicy energy into your life.

Grapefruit WHOA I love working with grapefruit as it helps to restore your power and help you claim your spiritual purpose. It’s extremely cleansing and assists in releasing any mental chatter that can cause fogginess. It is also wonderful at calling in joy, happiness, abundance, attract love, self confidence, balance and raises your vibration. Grapefruits connected to the heart and solar which are wonderful to link for self love, empowerment and honoring YOURSELF!

Labdanum This was brought into the mix just a dash to help seal any energetic leaks you may have. Also used for protection, abundance (the $$$ kind) grounding, cleansing, joy and creativity. I love working with labdanum because it helps to anchor you and help you reach higher energetic fields. I always envision a kite flying high but firmly anchored. Pssst an aphrodisiac to call in the energy of seduction.


Rose Buds

Crystal chips: Rhodonite, rose quartz, strawberry quartz


• Apply to your body after a shower or bath as a daily spiritual hygiene 

• Anoint your spiritual objects like tarot decks and crystals 

• Anoint your written intentions 

• Add to bath to create a spiritual bath ritual cleanse (Combine with a bit of your favorite soap to emulsify before adding to water) 

• Offering on your altar 

• Utilize to anoint candles and use for spell work

• Anoint yourself after encountering negative or toxic people, protect your energy!

• Use before meditation  

• Anoint any of your chakras to aid in clearing any blockages



Please shake prior to each use as ingredients may settle. Must Store out of direct sunlight in cool dark place is best. 


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