Summer Solstice Limited Edition - 8 oz Bubble-Body Wash

Eye Love Love

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Featuring the magical and mystical butterfly Bringing in the energy of transformation, hope, positivity, rebirth, change, joy, insight and expansion of awareness.


Calendula to honor our ancestors

Rose to honor your heart, all forms of love + raise your vibration

Lavender to call in peace and protection

Geranium to ignite creativity 

Ylang-Ylang to awaken our confidence in self and our words

Chamomile to bring in JOY, passion and the energy of the SUN!

Butterfly pea to open roads, welcome new opportunities, make your dreams a reality

Blue cornflower for abundance and protection


Water, essential and fragrance oil, vegetable glycerine, Castile soap, essential oils, Peg-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice and mica.

Dried Butterfly Pea Blossom

Dried Cornflower 



Add to bath to create a spiritual bath ritual cleanse with a luxurious bubble bath or use in shower as body wash to cleanse your body. Lathers beautifully with loofah sponge! create a magical cleansing shower or bath ritual with our moon charged alchemy!


No refunds, returns, exchanges. All sales final. 

After bath wipe tub down with cleanser if mica remains to prevent any staining. Not Responsible for any staining or damages.