New Moon Cancer Bath Ritual - 16 oz

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Cancer, ruled by the moon, influences our emotional waves just as it controls the tides. This is an ideal time to highlight emotional burdens weighing you down. Allow the energy of water to wash them away and tap into the flow of healing. Each wave brings a beautiful calm after the storm, making emotional challenges more manageable when viewed as small waves.

Cancer embodies emotion, heart, family, and nurturing. Reflect on how you can better nurture yourself. What makes you feel safe and secure? How can you nurture those around you in a healthy way? Cancer is like a mother’s embrace, protecting and supporting you as you heal. Allow this energy to hold and support you during your healing process. When you float and go with the flow, the waves carry you instead of overwhelming you.

The New Moon in Cancer is also a powerful time for manifestation. Consider the areas of your life that need attention. What can you nurture and watch grow? Utilize this alchemy to set your intentions and trust that the universe has your back.

Let your intuition and heart guide you as your inner compass.


Epsom Salt  Clears your auric field, grounds your energy, brings you into the present moment, aids in relaxation, detoxification and aid in restoration after a traumatic event. 

Dead Sea Salt  Dead sea salt is made up of sodium chloride with a high percentage of magnesium, sulfates, and potassium. The high mineral content aids with the cleansing and detoxification of the skin.

Pink Himalayan Salt  Aids in releasing that which is not serving your physical body. cleansing your energy field and removing energetic debris that is dulling not only your light but energy. Pink Himalayan salt also encourages a sense a peace, calm, detoxification and most importantly protection. This mineral combines the energies of the sun, the earth, the stars, and the primordial sea.

Dried Hibiscus 


Essential Oil  Peach, hibiscus, magnolia 

Polysorbate 80 


  1. Add 1/2 to 1 cup of the product to warm or hot bath water.
  2. Ensure the salt is fully dissolved before entering the bath.
  3. After your bath, scoop out any remaining botanical material to prevent drain clogs.
  4. The product contains mica; please clean the bathtub thoroughly after use.
  5. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  6. Not for consumption.
  7. Avoid using if you have an open wound.
  8. For external use only.
  9. Shake well before use, as ingredients may settle.
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