New Moon Cancer - 8 oz Florida water

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Cancer is ruled by the moon and with it controls our waves of emotions just as it does the tides. This is a great moon to work on the things that are weighing you down emotionally. Allow the energy of water to wash them away and tap into the flow! When I say flow I mean waves of healing, It’s not always easy but there is a beautiful calm after each wave and if we look at them as small waves they become more manageable. Cancer is emotion, heart, family and nurturing. How can you better nurture yourself?! What makes you feel safe and secure? How can you nurture those around you in a healthy way? Cancer is like a mother’s embrace protecting your as you heal. Allow it to hold you and support you during the healing process. If you float and go with the flow the waves carry you instead of making you feel overwhelmed. 

New Moon Cancer was also a powerful manifestation moon. What areas of your life need attention and care? What can you water and watch grow? Utilize this moon water to put those intentions out into the universe and trust that it has your back.

Trust your intuition and heart to be your inner compass.


Distilled water 

Peach • Peaches embody longevity, protection, vitality, banishing, femininity, wisdom and love?! They also fall under the element of water, perfect pairing for cancer vibes.

Hibiscus • Hibiscus will bring love into the equation healing all that needs extra love and support. It is wonderful for spells regarding love, floor washes, bath rituals and candle magic to bring in love and harmony. It is said that hibiscus can be quite the aphrodisiac.

Sea salt • Protection, cleansing and healing. Considered one of the most sacred minerals on earth. I specifically selected sea salt for this batch to tap into the cleansing energy of the sea.  

Alcohol • To ensure freshness. 

This alchemy was charged with peach moonstone, sunstone, lemurian qaurtz, apophyllite and stilbite.



• Spray your body after a shower or bath as a daily spiritual hygiene 

• Diffuse in your diffuser

• Spray your spiritual objects like tarot decks and crystals 

• Spray in your sacred space to remove stagnant energy and bring in new fresh energy

• Spray before writing down intentions 

• Add to bath to create a spiritual bath ritual cleanse

• Add a small amount to your mop water to cleanse the home

• Offering on your altar 

• Spray yourself after encountering negative or toxic people, protect your energy!

• Spray on your mattress and bedding to clear any unwanted energy and rest well 

• Use before meditation  

• Spray on doors and windows to keep negative energies out

• Anoint any of your chakras to aid in clearing any blockages



Please shake prior to each use as ingredients may settle, store out of direct sunlight in cool dark place is best. Careful when spraying this batch on white clothing or bedding may cause staining. Water is bright red color!


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