Lavare - 4 oz Lavender Water

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The word lavender comes from the Latin root Lavāre which means ‘to wash’ as the Romans used it to scent their bath water. Everything I create is done with much intention and spiritual hygiene is a way to "wash" our energetic bodies.  Growing up my grandmother and mother would create baños (Baths) for us weekly. This was my introduction to ritual cleansing and I am elated to bring this energy from my maternal lineage to you.  Lavāre is meant to wash away any negativity, negative thoughts, negativity sent to us, negativity that we may have picked up unknowingly. Each day our interactions with different people, places and things hold energy. It is good spiritual hygiene practice to reset our energy field and body with a deep cleanse. 


Lavender • Lavender immediately brings me calm and peace but also can be used to cleanse your environment of negativity, and neutralize any stale, lingering bad vibes. 
My lavender comes straight from Provence where the glorious lavender fields thrive. It is from a small family run lavender farm. 
Distilled water 

Essential Oil 


Not for consumption 

Shake before use as ingredients may settle

Do not spray directly on clothing, may cause staining. Contains essential oils and other natural ingredients