High Priestess Custom Collection

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PLEASE NOTE : High Priestess custom collections have a 4/5 week delivery

High priestess 

One on one custom curated spiritual hygiene collection.

Throughout this journey we will work together to determine how this alchemy will help you individually. This is entirely custom to just you and your spiritual cleansing needs. I will be consulting my guides, tarot and meditation to receive divine guidance in curating these collections. Each item hand made with ingredients hand chosen for you and you only. Our journey begins with a questionnaire so that I may get to know you deeper and learn about your spiritual hygiene needs. 

Within 48 hours of purchase you will receive a questionnaire via email to begin our journey together. This is where I will learn any allergies, likes, dislikes and what you would like to work on. All communications will be done via email, please include your email when booking. 

Custom + unique experience includes 

• Custom Florida water bundle 4oz spray, 8oz refill + mini 
• Custom anointing oil 4oz
• Bath ritual salt or shower scrub (Your choice) includes mini wooden scoop 
• Mini travel kit for on the go cleansing 15ml oil, 15ml water + one pocket piece intuitively chosen crystal
• Trio of prepared 4 inch beeswax candles 
• Custom spiritual hygiene guide to help you throughout your journey. Includes tarot reading with channeled messages. 

So be it
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PLEASE NOTE: Each alchemy set is crystal charged with crystals from a collective collection and are NOT included with your high priestess. You do receive one intuitively chosen crystal with your alchemy. 

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