Full Moon Scorpio Cord Cutting Kit

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Listing is for one cord cutting kit  

This Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing in massive amount of energy and transformation. It is asking us to reflect and look within to let go of self limiting beliefs, habits, mindsets and to go with the flow. Anything that is holding us back will be washed away with the energy of Scorpio as we tap into FLOW.  Full moons illuminate and this particular one is asking that we embrace all that we have hidden away and finally heal and move on. 

Embrace and allow this alchemy to wash away all that doesn’t serve you making space for new opportunities, energy, abundance and the space to manifest! Each ingredient supporting your journey further. 

Affirmation Full Moon Scorpio
"I honor the desires that live within my soul. I focus on my dreams and goals. I know all is possible. I trust in the unfolding. I open to soul deep love. My destiny is manifesting in each breath. I am supported fully by the universe."
-Ara Campbell

Kit Includes:

2 black candles

10ml Full Moon Scorpio Oil 

Black cord

Sage bundle

Book of matches

Sea salt






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