Full Moon Pisces Bundle - Florida water

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Pisces Full Moon bundle includes:

4oz spray, 8oz refill and free intuitively chosen gift!


My small batch Florida Water starts with water being charged under the beautiful full moon. This month on September 2nd our Full moon landed in the sign of Pisces. What an amazing way to tap into that glorious energy! Pisces is a water sign and on this full moon I am bringing you a spiritual spray to tap into the power of water. Pisces just like their symbol walk the line between the spiritual and the physical world. What are you thinking about in the physical that you are carrying into your spiritual mind, heart and soul.

Full moons are known for being a time to release stagnant energy, thoughts, blocks, old emotions and old baggage. Transcend all those spiritual barriers and bring in new energy, Utilizing this Pisces full moon to release what no longer serves your greater good. 

Release, release, release so that you can let love and light in. 


Lemon peel • Lemon lifts the souls to bring in new fresh energy

Lily • Referred to as a potent symbol of transcending spiritual barriers and aiding in removing negativity as-well as pessimistic energy 

Chamomile • Purification, protection and protection against psychic attack

Rose water & Rose petals • Hand made rose water in house and rose petals to fill all the voids left behind with love

Himalayan salt • Known as 'Pink Halite' it aids in self care, release of attachments including emotional and protection

Herbs • Grown in my very own garden and have my energy within to bring you abundance, growth and awaken the heart. Mint and rosemary will increases the vibrations of ant space and expels negative energy. Elevate is the key word here!

Essential oils • An array of essential oils intuitively chosen by me to compliment all my beautiful fresh ingredients. Vanilla, Jasmin, Rose, Bergamot, and more 

My finishing touch is placing my energy of love and light over this beautiful water, surrounding them with intuitively chosen crystals to energetically charge even further. You'll love this modern interpretation of an old spiritual water recipe. Keeping the main ingredients and adding a little more.


• Spray your body after a shower or bath as a daily protection ritual

• Spray in your sacred space to remove stagnant energy and bring in new fresh energy

• Spray on sacred objects to cleanse them

• Add to bath to create a spiritual bath cleanse

• Cleanse your crystals

• Add a small amount to your mop water to cleanse the home

• Spray into the air to dispel depression and stress, taking deep breaths

• Place a bowl on your altar as an offering to your ancestral spirits and to invite their guidance into your spiritual work

• Spray yourself after encountering negative people, protect your energy!

• The floral and citrus scents of it are stimulating for use in rituals. It adds positive energy to your ritual

• Spray on your mattress and bedding to clear any unwanted energy and rest well

• Use in meditation 

• Spray on doors and windows to keep negative energies out

• Anoint any of your chakras to aid in clearing any blockages


Shake before use as ingredients may settle

Do not spray directly on clothing, may cause staining. Contains essential oils and other natural ingredients