Full Moon Pisces Bath Ritual 16oz

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Full Moon Pisces called for a powerful salt blend. Salt has been associated with cleanliness, protection, and purity which comes from the fact that its uses originally included purifying and preserving. 

If you feel any negative energy my recommendation would be to get in the ocean but for those of us who don't have one nearby get in a salt bath! This is a beautiful way to bring the ocean energy to you in your sacred space. Spiritual Hygiene is extremely important to keep your body, mind and spirit in a clear and flow state. 

Dead Sea Salt • Dead sea salt is made up of sodium chloride with a high percentage of magnesium, sulfates, and potassium. The high mineral content aids with the cleansing and detoxification of the skin.

Epsom Salt • Clears your auric field, grounds your energy, brings you into the present moment, aids in relaxation, detoxification and aid in restoration after a traumatic event. 

Alaea Hawaiian Red Sea Salt • Home protection, blocking negative energies, cleansing and purification. Harvested from the Pacific Ocean using ancient, traditional methods of solar evaporation to collect the sea salt and its natural trace minerals. The salt is then infused with Alaea Hawaiian Volcanic Clay, which is rich in 80 reported naturally occurring trace minerals, including iron, which gives it its extraordinary natural red hue.

Pink Himalayan Salt • Aids in releasing that which is not serving your physical body. cleansing your energy field and removing energetic debris that is dulling not only your light but energy. Pink Himalayan salt also encourages a sense a peace, calm, detoxification and most importantly protection. This mineral combines the energies of the sun, the earth, the stars, and the primordial sea.

Magnesium Flakes • Magnesium Flakes are rich in concentrated magnesium, they are a compound of naturally occurring Magnesium and Chloride and they are used to bathe in to increase Magnesium levels, and for total mind and body relaxation. Magnesium expands your intuition during channeling or other psychic practices to allow information to flow more easily through your consciousness. 

Essential Oil • Eucalyptus, rose + sea salt 


Please shake prior to each use as ingredients may settle and store out of direct sunlight. Cool dark place is best. Use 1/2 to 1 cup per bath. Scoop out any left over botanic material before draining water as to not clog drain. 

Keep away from children and pets

Not for consumption

Avoid taking a salt bath if you have an open wound

Do not use if expecting

For external use only 

Shake before use as ingredients may settle