Full Moon Leo - 8 oz Bubble-Body Wash

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Leo's element is fire and this alchemy aids in lighting that fire within you to conquer each and everyday with COURAGE. Full Moons are for releasing and this Leo moon is the perfect reset button. Letting go can be difficult but ultimately it is best for us. You have the opportunity to unpack and let go finally of everything that is holding you back. Love yourself, believe in yourself, be proud of yourself and most definitely live your most authentic life. Ask the hard questions, dig deep into the shadow, be honest with yourself on what you have to do and know that you are capable of greatness. Stand in your power and SHINE. 

Trust in your intuition and know that the future is bright just like Leo's ruler the Sun and this big beautiful full moon. Reclaim your light and live your life for you.  

"I am the light of my own success"


Chamomile •  Courage, purification, protection against psychic attack. Ancient Romans used it to call in courage during war. Chamomile will help you to transform and stand in your power.  Leaving you feeling empowered and confident. 

Bergamot • Such a beautiful essential oil and welcomes in new opportunities and prosperity into your life. It will also clear your mind allowing peace and harmony in. Bergamot is also wonderful for courage, strength, protection, confidence and keeping your energy balanced. What better essential oil to support this batch than Bergamot for magnificent Leo.

Lavender • Lavender can aid in building confidence and courage, cleanse your environment of negativity, neutralize any stale, lingering bad vibes. This was added to quiet the mind and bring your physical body to a place of immense relaxation. It aids in your body, mind and spirit to find balance.

Bergamot, chamomile, lavender essential oil. Water, Vegetable glycerine, Castile soap, essential oils, Peg-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice and mica.


Add to bath to create a spiritual bath ritual cleanse with a luxurious bubble bath or use in shower as body wash to cleanse your body. Lathers beautifully with loofah sponge! create a magical cleansing shower or bath ritual with our moon charged alchemy!


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After bath wipe tub down with cleanser if mica remains to prevent any staining. Not Responsible for any staining or damages.