Full Moon Capricorn Perfume Spray 1oz

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Harness the power of the Full Moon in Capricorn with our blend of peony and rose. This potent combination embodies ambition, stability, love, and prosperity, guiding you toward your goals while nurturing your heart.

Infused with the highest vibrations of peony and rose, this blend offers deep cleansing and protection, helping you release what no longer serves you. Embrace the balanced energy of the Sun (Solstice) and Moon (Full Moon) and let this alchemy elevate your spiritual journey.


Perfume Base  Luxury perfumers alcohol 

Essential/perfumers accords: Peony + Rose



• Spray your body after a shower or bath as a daily spiritual hygiene 

• Spray your spiritual objects like tarot decks and crystals 

• Spray in your sacred space to remove stagnant energy and bring in new fresh energy

• Spray before writing down intentions 

• Spray yourself after encountering negative or toxic people, protect your energy!

• Spray on your mattress and bedding to clear any unwanted energy and rest well 

• Use before meditation  



  1. Apply perfume to pulse points such as wrists, neck, and behind the ears for long-lasting fragrance.
  2. Hold the bottle 5-7 inches away from your skin and spray lightly.
  3. Allow the perfume to dry without rubbing it in, to preserve the fragrance.

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