Full Moon Cancer Oil - 4 oz Liquid Love (Sweet Almond, Sunflower, Jojoba)

Eye Love Love

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Oil Base • Sweet Almond, Sunflower + Jojoba 

Essential/Fragrance Oil • Blue Lotus + Eucalyptus 

Blue Lotus • The Lotus Flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun. But, sooner or later, the Lotus reaches the light becoming the most beautiful flower ever.   Blue Lotus is said to connect one to the Divine, inducing higher states of being and consciousness. It is seen as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, intelligence, wisdom, self-regeneration and rebirth

Eucalyptus • Great for cleansing a person, place or space. Also used for deep spiritual healing and protection. commonly use to also bring joy and aid in overcoming blockages. This is the perfect pairing for this full moon in Cancer.

Crystal Chips: Aquamarine + Moonstone 



• Apply to your body after a shower or bath as a daily spiritual hygiene 

• Anoint your spiritual objects like tarot decks and crystals 

• Anoint your written intentions 

• Add to bath to create a spiritual bath ritual cleanse (Combine with a bit of your favorite soap to emulsify before adding to water) 

• Offering on your altar 

• Utilize to anoint candles and use for spell work

• Anoint yourself after encountering negative or toxic people, protect your energy!

• Use before meditation  

• Anoint any of your chakras to aid in clearing any blockages



Please shake prior to each use as ingredients may settle. Must Store out of direct sunlight in cool dark place is best.