Winter Solstice Bath Salt Limited Edition - 16 oz

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Honoring the winter solstice this year with the energy of the owl. The owl brings us inner wisdom, change, transformation, intuitive development, good luck, protection, discernment, clarity,  clairvoyance and spiritual awakening. This energy reminds us to see clearly through the darkness and to pay attention to the signs. Owl embodies a unique ability to navigate in the dark and see beyond appearances to uncover deep truths. Its no surprise that the owl is connected to your third eye chakra and will help you to tap into your intuition, spiritual eye and gifts. 


Epsom Salt • Clears your auric field, grounds your energy, brings you into the present moment, aids in relaxation, detoxification and aid in restoration after a traumatic event. 

Dead Sea Salt • Dead sea salt is made up of sodium chloride with a high percentage of magnesium, sulfates, and potassium. The high mineral content aids with the cleansing and detoxification of the skin.

Pink Himalayan Salt • Aids in releasing that which is not serving your physical body. cleansing your energy field and removing energetic debris that is dulling not only your light but energy. Pink Himalayan salt also encourages a sense a peace, calm, detoxification and most importantly protection. This mineral combines the energies of the sun, the earth, the stars, and the primordial sea. 


Essential Oil: Pine + Juniper Berry 

Polysorbate 80 




Use 1/2 to 1 cup per bath in warm or hot water 

Make sure the salt is dissolved before entering

Scoop out any left over botanic material before draining water as to not clog drain

Product has mica be sure to clean bathtub afterwards

Keep away from children and pets

Avoid taking a salt bath if you have an open wound

For external use only 

Shake before use as ingredients may settle


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