Cleopatra Summer Solstice Limited Edition 1 oz Highlighter GOLD Glow Oil

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Embrace the magic of the Summer Solstice with our alchemical blend of blue lotus, sunflower and juniper. This seasonal alchemy is honoring Cleopatra's timeless elegance and wisdom. As the longest day of the year fills us with light and energy, let this sacred combination illuminate your spirit, inspire transformation and connect you to the ancient beauty of Egypt. Celebrate this solstice with this incredible alchemy. 

"I shall not be triumphed over"



Oil Base Moringa Oil 

Scented naturally from the Moringa oilMica  

Gold Mica


• Apply to your body after a shower or bath as a daily spiritual hygiene 

• Apply to face, shoulders, arms, legs, hair and décolletage for a gorgeous glow! 


Please shake prior to each use as ingredients may settle. Must Store out of direct sunlight in cool dark place is best. 


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