Full Moon Capricorn Bundle - Florida water

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Bundle includes: 4oz spray, 8oz refill + mini 


I have been waiting impatiently for a very long time to create this alchemy. One day during meditation I saw this beautiful field of lavender then boom sunflowers, I knew. It was time to bring this water to life. 

Much intention went into this batch to bringing  forth  many beautiful traits of Capricorn; Stability, Strength, Confidence, Tenacity and grounding energy. Now add in lavender and oh my! The word lavender comes from the Latin root Lavāre which means ‘to wash’ as the Romans used it to scent their bath water. This will bring major cleansing energy, the ability to get things done and balance it all using discernment. Capricorn energy is the go getter and I am combining with lavender and sunflowers for balance.

After the last Mercury retrograde I wanted to offer a water that would aid in bringing peace to our body, mind and spirit. Take some time to pause, think and release this time around. Allow the full moon to do its thing and bring to light all that needs your attention, all that needs to be released or addressed and all that needs to end so that you may move forward free and clear during this new cycle.
This is a full circle moment giving us the opportunity to create stable foundations, ideas and goals. Some time ago the number 4 started showing up. 4 is the number of stability and support. Think about how many places the number 4 shows up, for example there are 4 seasons, directions and elements. In tarot The Emperor is 4 symbolizing stability, structure, protection, authority, control, practicality, focus, discipline….Capricorn energy at its finest. 

Capricorn rules limits, structures and boundaries so it’s time to look at those. Are your boundaries weak? Have you been over indulging? Is your foundation strong? Be honest with yourself and get to work. You need to do the work and guess what? You have all the tools within you.

Major Magician vibes from the tarot.


Eye Love Love Spiritual Cleanse

Breathe deep and come into your body

I welcome my spirit guides, angels and ancestors to step forward and assist in this cleanse

Cleanse my crown and create a clear connection to source, flooding my body with pure positive energy and light

Cleanse my third eye so that I may see the unseen

Cleanse my throat so that I may speak my truth

Cleanse my heart to give and receive love openly and freely

Cleanse my Solar Plexus to keep my intuition clear and trust in myself 

Cleanse my Sacral to feel passion, creativity and the vitality of life

Cleanse my Root, keep me grounded and rooted so that my mind may soar but I remain safely anchored

So be it, So it is



Distilled water 

Lavender • Lavender Immediately brings peace and calm but also can be used to cleanse your environment of negativity, and neutralize any stale, lingering bad vibes. This was added to quiet the min and bring your physical body to a place of immense relaxation. It aids in your body, mind and spirit to find balance. My lavender comes straight from Provence where the glorious lavender fields thrive. It is from a small family run lavender farm. 

Lavender from my own garden was included into this batch of moon water 

Sunflower • Sunflowers turn towards the sun everyday in an act called heliotropism ️ which I find fascinating. They embody vitality, intelligence, strength, loyalty, dedication, happiness, adoration, optimism, longevity and balance. Perfect energy to bring into full moon Capricorn 
Essential Oils • Lavender and sunflower 

Rainwater • On the night of the Full Moon a thunderous storm covered our home which then transmuted int the most beautiful gentle rain. A beautiful balance of power and gentleness. I collected this magical rainwater and added it to this batch for even more beautiful energy.

Alcohol  To ensure freshness  


• Spray your body after a shower or bath as a daily spiritual hygiene 

• Diffuse in your diffuser

• Spray your spiritual objects like tarot decks and crystals 

• Spray in your sacred space to remove stagnant energy and bring in new fresh energy

• Spray before writing down intentions 

• Add to bath to create a spiritual bath ritual cleanse

• Add a small amount to your mop water to cleanse the home

• Offering on your altar 

• Spray yourself after encountering negative or toxic people, protect your energy!

• Spray on your mattress and bedding to clear any unwanted energy and rest well 

• Use before meditation  

• Spray on doors and windows to keep negative energies out

• Anoint any of your chakras to aid in clearing any blockages



Please shake prior to each use as ingredients may settle, store out of direct sunlight in cool dark place is best. Careful when spraying this batch on white clothing or bedding may cause staining.