New Moon Leo Bundle - Florida water

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Bundle includes: 4oz spray, 8oz refill + mini 



Distilled water • Charged under the Full Moon in hand made glass vessels decorated with the seed of life further charging and adding additional energy into my moon charged water 

Rainwater • On the evening of the new moon in Leo it rained an this rain was collected and added into this magical small batch

Rose • Roses vibrate higher than any other plant or flower at around 320 megahertz. The rose has forever been connected to love and many goddesses like; Venus, Aphrodite and Hathor.  For this batch I used a gorgeous bi colored rose for a deep spiritual cleanse. My rose water is handmade in house and rose fills all the voids left behind with love

Sunflower • Sunflowers turn towards the sun everyday in an act called heliotropism ️ which I find fascinating. They embody vitality, intelligence, strength, loyalty, dedication, happiness, adoration, optimism, longevity and balance. Perfect energy to bring into new moon leo! 

Saffron • Saffron is irresistibly tantalizing and draws us in with its sultry, sense-provoking aroma and the lure of its passionate and seductive energy. It inflames our sensualities, quickens our blood and lights the fire within our soul. Blessing to awaken one’s inner wisdom and assistance of awakening third eye. This HAD to be in Leo

Calendula • Both dried and essential oil were used. Psychic energy/dreams, clairvoyance, love, drive to succeed, renewing personal energy, a bridge to the spirit world. Calendula will assist in rekindling our own personal light as-well as our ancestors light

Helichrysum • Instills deep peace and tranquility and provides support in releasing emotional trauma. It is also a wonderful tool to help us reconnect with the spiritual realm and opens the heart and mind to new experiences and practices

Nag Champa • Sanctify or purify an area or your sacred paces. Stimulate spiritual awareness while simultaneously grounding you in the present. 

Chamomile • Both dried and essential oil were used. Purification, protection and protection against psychic attack

Black Pepper • Leo definitely needed a punch and some fire 

My finishing touch is placing my energy of love and light over this beautiful water, surrounding them with intuitively chosen crystals to energetically charge even further. 

You'll love this modern interpretation of an old spiritual water recipe. Keeping the main ingredients and adding a little more. 



Please shake prior to each use as ingredients may settle, store out of direct sunlight in cool dark place is best. Careful when spraying this batch on white clothing or bedding may cause staining as saffron is a natural dye


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